Thursday, February 17, 2011

Can’t Buy Me Love

The Beatles once sang “…I’ll buy you a diamond ring my friend if it would make you feel all right… (Well it won’t make me feel all right.)  Thank goodness Valentine's Day is over! For over a month I have been listening (as I am sure you have been) to radio and TV commercials that tell a man how to show the woman in their life she is special and loved.  Apparently the only way to show a woman she  is loved is to purchasing a diamond ring or pendant.  (Poor Men. Talk about pressure and a no win situation.) If I was a man I would be angry that this type of commercial hype is being directed at women (heck, I’m a woman and I don’t like it). Setting expectations at such a level is ridiculous and can set a couple up for some emotion pressure, and conflict.

(This is one gal's opinion.) Valentines Day should be more introspective. One should think about people in one's  life that you love and love you. Mom, dad, sisters, brothers, grandparents, best friend (to name a few). Take stock of who you have in your life that enhances your life, and then honor each of those individuals. 
And (PLEASE) do not honor with a gift (and perhaps even not with a card) but with a heartfelt phone call, meal together, coffee, or face to face were you sincerely thank them for being special in your life, and tell them how they have made a difference to you. 

In fact ...everyday should be Valentine’s Day. You don’t need commercial marketing types to tell you what to purchase or when to honor those you love.  DO IT EVERYDAY, because ”money cant buy you love”…

(The Beatles are always right!)