Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's all this Whining About?

A little background on the Whiner's Club...
In the beginning of the year I extended an invitation to many family and friends to join me in the cathartic process of whining. Quite simply - anyone can join the Whiner's Club, however; you do need to be aware that there are some rules in place for this type of activity.

Whining rules are simple:

  1. Anyone is welcome to whine.
  2. One is free to whine about anything.
  3. Fuming, anger, and ranting are not permitted. (Whining is an art.)
  4. No brainstorming or positive ideas are allowed to be shared.
  5. Whining is not a solution based activity.
  6. No personal attacks on individuals please (thought irreverence is smiled upon.)
  7. Constant whining is a bad habit. Pick the time and place carefully.
  8. Remember who you whined to, so you do not gain a reputation.
  9. Enjoy yourself and do not feel guilty.

If you remember these simple rules and follow some of my suggestions
carefully I think you will find that a good whine every now and then makes
one feel better. I cannot be a responsible accepting adult all the time and
neither should you.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Hey everyone -

Well... I have taken the first step in joining the bloggers of the world. Many of you have expressed an interest in my ramblings and observations, and so here they are finally available for the world to see. More importantly this blog will be an outlet for all those creative whiners of the world.