Sunday, October 30, 2011

Forget Spirits - Tramps Come out on Halloween!

I love Halloween. In fact Halloween is my favorite holiday. One of the reason I really love All Hollows Eve is the opportunity to dress up. Discussions concerning costume selection start around mid summer in our house. (No prefabricated costumes for my family.) Creativity and ingenuity count big time. (Which leads me to why I’m writing today.)  

A sexy Mad Hatter.
What is up with the costumes for women and (unfortunately) girls too? It seems to me that as Halloween has gained in popularity the practice of wearing skimpier and sexier costumes has increased. (I am not a prude, but I could be getting older, because I just don’t get it.) Discounting my age - who is to blame? And what can we do about it?

Is it girls and young women with lack of self esteem? Is it those jockeying for social position by buying into popularity with their looks? Is it those who just have no clue? Or perhaps no creativity or imagination? Is it the manufacturers? Why do some women buy into the marketing and social pressures and purchase this crap?

Studies show that the oversexualization of girls correlates to depression and eating disorders. Naturally I could go on about the media today and how woman are depicted, however; that really isn’t my point. I am wondering out loud why women buy the stuff?  And why some mothers let their daughter/s buy the stuff?  

A sexy Freddy Kruger
I think there are ways to be sexy and beautiful without the short skirts, tight dresses, thigh-high stocking, and cleavage. (Sorry men.) I just wish that women would raise their standards and think about their self-worth before they purchase a sleazy costume. (Naturally you may be trying for the “whore” look and you would need a pimp, and then it would be OK.) And NOT only that the costumes are really ridiculous! It does not matter what it character is, as long as it's sexy. (I mean come on!) 

Personally I think Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood, and others would turn over in their graves if they saw how they are being depicted these days. (OK… maybe not their graves.) But for goodness sake women have a little self respect or just wear that sleazy costume behind a closed door with your significant other! (Ok men happy now?)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sorry, Lost my Balance.

My sincere apologies. It seems lately that life has overwhelmed me considerably since my last post. Believe me you all have been on my mind, it's just that my priorities have shifted.  Don't worry I haven't abandoned you or my musings. I'm working on regaining the balance in my life.

Some of you may know that I stopped working out of my home and began a part time job at Stanford University. (Truly a remarkable place, and perhaps more on that at a later date.) Working part time became working full time, and then all of a sudden my relaxed lifestyle wasn't so relaxed any more.

Because we never do anything small in our family (Go Big or Go Home is our motto.) We added a new member to our family four months ago. A cute German Boxer named Tyson. (Get it? A boxer named Tyson? And NO. We did not name him.) 

The adjustment to working full time had me off kilter, and then we made the decision to add a puppy to our lives. Am I insane?  (You bet.)

Not only was I off kilter, now I had lost my balance, and was falling head long into the dark gloomy frantic abyss of "lost my mind." What little skills I had left to manage my multi-tasking life style flew out the window.  My family and I had to adjust to mom not always being there, dad taking up more carpooling duties (definitely more on that later), kids taking more responsibility (perhaps we should say...less lazy, because mom isn't around to DO everything). AND we had a high energy puppy!  

Don't get me wrong a great new job, a wonderful new puppy - it's all good. (Just so darn tiring. Let's say my recovery has been slow. Possibly due to age?)

I am slowly lifting myself out of the abyss. I have good days, and I have days where I just shrug and give up. I am determined however to regain my balance (whatever it takes). Plus .... I got some great new stories!

I want to acknowledge Blog Full of Dogs. My good friend Kimberly has been publishing this warm and wonderful blog for years now. If you love dogs this is a great blog to contribute to and to follow.