Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wasting Time – Ban Left Turns

I didn’t give the subject of a left turn much thought until the other day. 

Jeff remarked,“ There should be no left turns.”

“Come again?” I asked. “ Did you say no left turns?”

“Yes. I did. Think about it. Do you know how much time is wasted waiting 
to make a left hand turn or waiting in the left turn lane?”

“No”.  (Wow… this is something that never even crossed my mind.)

“No left turns, Jeff repeated.

“I’m not sure that banning left turns saves time”. I answered “It might 
actually take you longer to get anywhere if all you do is make right turns.”

“Three right turns and you’re there.”
(Obviously Jeff had given this some thought. More than me.)

“Yeah, but making only right turns will take you out of your way. 
It will be less direct.” I countered.

“Sure, but faster than waiting 3-5 minute every time you wish to 
turn left.” (He may have a point here.)

Ok, but perhaps It’s just the perception that left hand turns take longer 
because you are not moving. While with right turn you at least feel like your moving?”

“No. It’s the waiting. It’s a waste of time. Not to mention unsafe. 
Do you know that more accidents happen when people are turning into 
oncoming traffic? Left turn. We need to ban left turns. 
Write something in your blog about that.”

(While I hate to admit my husband is right. I did some research on left turns.)
 National statictics back Jeff up. I’m finding out that besides the accident rate 
there are other reasons to ban left turns. UPS officially minimizes left turns
(Not for safety, but for fuel efficiency and time savings) 
And Myth Busters (One of our favorite family TV programs) confirmed that 
turning right while driving improves fuel efficiency.

Some communities and designers are giving the no left turn idea real thought. 
Some states have roads with no left turns .)

“Did you write about no left turns yet?” Jeff asked.

“No.” (I hate it when he is right!)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Unconditional Love will only get You so Far

Last week our 16 year old daughter was in no mood to be trifled with. All the signs were there… gray clouds, petulant looks, low monosyllable answers…. (Those who have teenagers know the signs.) This time even her brothers had the good sense to stay away.  Somehow though Dad missed the signs (either that or he is incredible brave).

Dad actually approached his daughter and had the chutzpah to talk to her (while the rest of us cowards stayed away).  I can’t tell you what the conversation topic was during the brief interaction. I can tell you however that it left an effect on Dad.  Upon completion of the father daughter exchange Dad was overheard muttering “unconditional love will only get you so far”.

Wow…. I wonder if our daughter realized what a close call she had?
After all… unconditional love can only get you so far.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Why Online Gaming is Good

For those of you who have children old enough to play with their friends via online gaming I thought I would list for you some reasons why online gaming is good. (This is just in case you stay up late pondering the evils of our society, and what effect all these killing/fantasy games have on your child.) Perhaps this will give you some peace of mind knowing the positive effects for you and your family.

You never have loud noisy children over anymore. 
 Since play dates are conducted over the internet. 
You don't have a lot of kids running around, and your home stays cleaner.

You never hear "I'm bored" and have to make activity suggestions.
No more straining your creative parenting skills.
Your child's hand eye coordination improves daily.
 This should help hone sport and music skills. 
Anger management is easy. 
With access to violence it is easy for your children to take out 
their frustrations elsewhere. This makes for a calmer environment.
Don't have to worry about where the kids are.
Where are they? Why exactly where you left them 7 hours ago.
The monthly food bill lowers considerably. 
Kids can't hear you calling for mealtime, therefore; they don't come to the table.
If they don't come to the table why cook? And if not cooking... stop purchasing the food.
Builds self esteem.
With all the kids online playing together your kid feels popular.
Online gaming is green and great for your yard.
Less wear and tear on trees -  no more tree climbing. 
Your grass grows greener - no more worn patches from too much running 
Flowers and small shrubs do not get trampled.
Don't have to be troubled driving them anywhere.
Why would they want to go anywhere or do anything else?
Instant babysitter. 
Turn it on and watch them tune out. 
You can holler at them and they can't hear a thing!
Love those headset. 
Since you can't get online for your anger management this is the next best thing.