Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's all this Whining About?

A little background on the Whiner's Club...
In the beginning of the year I extended an invitation to many family and friends to join me in the cathartic process of whining. Quite simply - anyone can join the Whiner's Club, however; you do need to be aware that there are some rules in place for this type of activity.

Whining rules are simple:

  1. Anyone is welcome to whine.
  2. One is free to whine about anything.
  3. Fuming, anger, and ranting are not permitted. (Whining is an art.)
  4. No brainstorming or positive ideas are allowed to be shared.
  5. Whining is not a solution based activity.
  6. No personal attacks on individuals please (thought irreverence is smiled upon.)
  7. Constant whining is a bad habit. Pick the time and place carefully.
  8. Remember who you whined to, so you do not gain a reputation.
  9. Enjoy yourself and do not feel guilty.

If you remember these simple rules and follow some of my suggestions
carefully I think you will find that a good whine every now and then makes
one feel better. I cannot be a responsible accepting adult all the time and
neither should you.



  1. Why can't I say anything positive? I don't like that. If I could, I would comment that I'm glad someone got off their duff and started the Whiner's Club, but since I can't say that I'll just complain about it.

  2. So perfect, a Whiners Club. I'm sure to fit right in. I just wish I didn't have to become a member of Google to do this. What is with that? All they want is my money and my eyeballs. Sorry, but I'm keepin' 'em.

  3. Ok, now I'm really unhappy. Google makes making a comment way to hard. I created a comment and then posted it to be brought back to this screen again. Either I am just a cranky old non-techno fart or this system sucks.

  4. Had to post for my sister in law in China.-
    We think your blog is blocked in China. It didn’t work.....the government here doesn’t like bloggers. I think that is worth whining about. (Post me!)
    Since we are so special, maybe you can send us your blog via email. I know that the extra work probably makes you feel like whining-sorry about that.


  5. General spring time whine....why is it that I carefully plant flowers, fertilize them, water them and put snail bait around them to protect them and they die....but between the small cracks in my sidewalk weeds grow galore.