Monday, April 5, 2010

The Perfect Family Vacation

In search of the perfect family vacation?
Now is the time to start making those arrangements. But...don't look here. If your family is like our family then you have members each with individualized needs, likes/dislikes, and vastly different ideas on what makes great vacation fun. Why is it then that we give so much thought, time and effort into what would make the perfect vacation for our family, when in actuality it is a myth?
Think about it. Perhaps the goal should be to make yourself happy, because
when you are happy everyone is happy. Or perhaps it is make your kids happy,
because when they are happy then you do not have to hear any complaining
(or at least less complaining). Ultimately taking a vacation is about spending
time and making memories together. I can get into that (but if I have to go
camping one more time I'll scream!) Perhaps it will be then another cruise.
Mom by the pool reading... sunshine... a cool exotic drink... kids off doing
"kid things"... Oh Yes! A cruise it is. A cruise is a perfect family vacation.

1 comment:

  1. Is a cruise still a perfect family vacation if you go by yourself? I think it could be.