Friday, January 28, 2011

New Year's Resolution - how's it working for you?

New Year's Resolution? You got to be kidding right?  (I believe in Santa and the Tooth fairy, but this woman does not believe in a New Year's Resolution.)  I just can't do it. When I examined my behavior over the years, what I found was that I really regurgitating the same old vows over and over again. I get that the New Year is symbolic of new beginnings and hope, however; I was having new beginnings and hope on a monthly basis throughout the year. (Talk about lack of commitment. My husband should be worried.)

Researchers claim that around 40- 45% of American adults make new year resolutions each year. They also claim that after 6 months 46% of those resolution makers are still at it.  (I'm sorry. I think they should check those statistics again. Either there is a math error or people are not being honest. Seriously. Think about it. Have you ever heard a person say (at the end of a year) that they kept their new year's resolution? No. Cause it does not happen.)

So obviously a new year's resolution doesn't work for this gal, but maybe it does for you. How's it going? If you made a new year's resolution and have broken it already - take heart. The positive spin is that those who do set goals are more successful then others achieving their goals. (Which I don't understand, because; if one person makes a goal and another doesn't have one - it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out only the person with the goal has the possibility to be successful.)  If you are still going strong at and maintaining your resolution goals then congratulations!
(You have made it further than me!)

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