Sunday, July 31, 2011

Inspired but Tired

I was looking forward to summer. My work schedule had slowed down, kids were out of school, and our life pace had slowed. My head was swimming with these amazing projects I could do.  I could remodel our bathroom.  I could start that needlepoint I have had sitting around for 2 years. I could finish our backyard landscape plan… (believe me my list is much longer than what I have shared here).  Viewing my calendar this weekend (and noting that summer was going to be over in 4 weeks) made me realize that while all this creative project planning is great I have actually not lifted a finger to make many of these plans a reality. (Are these just daydreams or flights of fancy?)  After giving this perplexing (lack of action) situation thought I realized that while I am inspired to do a great many creative things ….I am just too tired. Of course this realization brings on other thoughts. Too tired? (Nah.) Lazy? (Nah.) Let’s see… working, housekeeping, husband, appointments, kids and activities… perhaps too busy?  (Yup.) That’s it!  Too busy.  After all, I can’t be lazy. Me lazy? (Unbelievable. I can’t be lazy.) It’s just the thought of all that hard work makes me tired.  (Yeah...that's it!)

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