Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dysfunctional and Rich

I must confess that I am not a fan of reality Television programming. Where do they find these people? I’m worried that these programs actually prove that our society as a whole is in decline. (Can you blame me?) These TV programs show mindless drama kings and drama queens with no relevant thoughts or relevant lives. (How sad really.)

It seems like the more dysfunctional, status obsessed or out of control these reality stars are (and I use the term “stars” loosely) these stars grow in popularity. Not only that – these idiots earn an absurd amount of money. (And there’s the rub.)

Don’t you think it a bit unfair that such a loser is able to make money in a reality TV show (and then add insult to my perceived injury) make millions more by adding a fashion, perfume or workout clothes line?  (Really? I mean is America that celebrity obsessed?)

A mother might say “Ignore them honey. You’ll only encourage them.”
(And that mother would be right!) 

The more dysfunctional and outrageous… the more viewers tune in. The more viewers tune in…. the longer the show runs. The longer the show runs…more outrageousness happens. The more outrageousness happens…the more money is generated.  The more money is generated… and so it goes on and on. (I’m tired just thinking about it.)

I read yesterday that Snooki from the show Jersey Shore said that she wasn’t an alcoholic. Snooki (to paraphrase) said she’s on a reality show – and the producers just show the bad stuff.  That is why her behavior looks bad - the show producers manipulate the viewer and the story. Now, I know enough about editing and TV  to know that this statement is true, however; I’m not buying it. (Wanna know why?)I’m not buying it cause you have to be doing a whole lot of outrageous stuff to fill up a show storyline. And have a TV show year after year. (Quite impressively dysfunctional if you think about it.)

I guess it really boils down to life, and life is sometimes unfair. In a way I’m jealous. (Who would not want to make money so easily?) I realize that I need to mend my ways if I’m going to get anywhere. (Is there a “Dysfunctional Guide for Dummies”?)

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