Monday, July 26, 2010

My World is Rocking and Rolling

Yeah baby – you read it right my world is rocking and a rolling, but it isn’t what you think.  Our family vacation plans landed my family and I in Alaska.  The idea was to take a leisurely trip through that great wilderness State, however; after reviewing our planned itinerary (and the various modes of transportation) our trip was beginning to look like the movie Trains, Planes, and Automobiles (of Steve Martin & John Candy fame) and cost about just as much to produce!

With our limited vacation fund was definitely an issue.  Upon review my husband suggested that while we could not camp, and transport ourselves into the far reaches of the largest U.S. State we still could get a great “bang for our buck” if we took a cruise to Alaska.  (A cruise as a perfect family vacation. Wish I had thought of that.  Oh wait I did!) 

I do want to tell you about how beautiful Alaska is, but then I can’t whine.  I want to tell you the places we visited and the wildlife we saw was amazing, but then I can’t whine. (So what’s the point?)   What I do want to tell you about is why my world is rocking and a rolling (and no this isn’t about my sex life, and I get to whine!)

I wish to proudly state that I have an iron clad stomach.  I don’t get motion sick nor do I get sea sick (none of those silly little patches behind the ear for me) however, mother nature has decided to punish me for my prideful ways by making me suffer.

Our vacation is now close to a week over, but my world is one of constant motion - yes, my friends I have Vertigo.  (Go figure.)  My world is constantly on the move, my balance unsteady, and my stomach occasionally queasy.  This is not fun.  (I am quite sure it isn’t supposed to work this way.)

Perhaps I should have not walked around that cruise ship so smugly smirking at those patch-wearing tourists.  Perhaps instead I should have silently amused myself while watching my fellow travelers load up their buffet plates at dinner.  Or even taken more pride as I chose to take the stairs up to dinner instead of the elevator.

My instinct (however) tells me that if I was prideful about my lack of seasickness and now I am, then if I were to have been prideful about my lack of weight gain, then I would now be 10 pounds heavier!  (Thank heaven for little things.)  I promise never, ever to walk around a cruise ship smugly again.  In fact I will try not to walk around smugly ever (no promises).  Now… does anyone have a patch for my land sickness?  Please?

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