Monday, October 11, 2010

Saving the Planet - Reporting In

Back on April 14, 2010 I reported that my husband and I decided to save the 
planet and install solar.  I promised to report back and so here I am.

Yeah - I know. I could have reported back sooner, but I need to confess that 
while our solar company Sungevity installed in a timely manner there were 
other unexpected delays in the process.  For example the city permit 
approval process added some time, and PG&E took the longest to install a
special meter for solar (roughly 2 months).

So while we installed solar on our home in April it was not until August that
we really began saving the world.  I can't tell you how many times my husband 
and I walked outside to watch the meter run backwards. (Exciting!) Or how we 
watched the mail for our utility bill. (Yes, we are strange.)

Then yesterday we received our much anticipated bill from PG&E. After one 
full month of solar - I am very happy to report that our wildest dreams 
have come true.  (OK, well, maybe not our wildest dreams.) Our electric and gas bill
(prior to installing solar) was $250+ a month.  The bill we received in the mail
was a grand total of $45.49!  (I just love it when a plan comes together!)

Now I look around at all the roofs around and wonder why are those roofs so bare?
(Perhaps I should start a new crusade?) I would like to invite you to save money 
and help the environment too.  

Now for the shameless commercialism - 
Check out Sungevity.  There are several companies that do what they do, and there 
really is no reason why everyone (especially in California) should not have solar.  I like 
this company for several reasons they deliver what they promise, the price is right,
and they have outstanding customer service. (I am really into customer service.)  

And if you do check out and use Sungevity and given them our referral code #24995.
Using this code will get YOU $500 of your lease or purchase agreement, and my new
crusade/cause will be on it's way!

PS. Even the White House is going solar.

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